Oakland Raiders Color Rush Jerseys Design

When the NFL began its Thursday-night Color Rush jersey program two seasons ago, many fans hoped the Raiders would go with solid black. That didn’t happen (they went with solid white), but several of our entrants tried to go that route with their submissions. The best of these designs came from Vince Rabago, whose proposed home jersey really puts the black in the silver and black, with the silver numbers and shoulders providing just enough of a counterpoint.

David Britt created a powerful look by starting with the Raiders’ basic logo, changing the eye-patched player’s head to a skull and adding some gold outlining for a touch of Vegas bling. Granted, the combination of crossed swords and a skull has already been used by the Bucs, but some overlap is inevitable when you’re dealing with raiders and buccaneers, which are essentially synonymous. In any case, Britt’s proposed logo is better than the Bucs’ real logo, so he need not apologize for using the skull ‘n’ swords motif.