What change the Latest 49ers jerseys brings?

The new cheap 49ers jerseys made a slight alteration for 2017 that offers a significant upgrade.

San Francisco’s football jerseys, when done correctly, are among the best in the NFL. Their simplicity is classic while the red and gold combination has an iconic pop. No other team in sports can pull off those colors like the 49ers.

But the sleeve stripes on the old jerseys were horrendous (nitpicking, I know). The stripes would get stretched out in pads leaving this effect:

bethea stripes on 49ers nfl jerseys - 49ersYou can see detail of the stripe on the cheap new jerseys, which debuted in the preseason opener Friday night.

Now the stripes on the sleeves match the pants and the helmet, offering up a symmetrical, clean look that was lacking when the stripes were cut off on the previous jerseys.

You can see the differences in photos of the cheap authentic jerseys for sale from the Vip NFL Jersey.

NEW stripes:

2017 new stripes 49ers jerseys look - 49ers

OLD stripes:

Old stripes 49ers origin jerseys look - 49ers

If only the club would go back to striped socks and white cleats. We’ll buy and keep our fingers crossed.

Rams NFL Jerseys for 2017 Season

In 2017, the Los Angeles Rams will once again wear cheap white jerseys at home as a modern nod back to the team’s history in the Coliseum and in Los Angeles. The Rams will wear a white-horned navy helmet with a white face mask. The pants will be white with one navy stripe down the side. No design changes are being made to their cheap NFL jerseys which will remain the white jersey with navy and gold accents that they wore at home in 2016.

Rams nfl jerseys White - rams

Earlier this week, the Rams announced they were evolving their jerseys for 2017 and asked the fans for feedback. Fans voted through Rams social media handles on Twitter (@RamsNFL) and Facebook (@Rams) between one and two stripes on the pants and between a white and navy face mask for the helmet. More than 90,000 fans voted over the past 48 hours.

The Los Angeles Rams’ original blue white-horned helmets, accompanied by a grey face mask, were worn between 1964 and 1972. Many Rams Legends donned these classics, including the “Fearsome Foursome” of ROSEY GRIER, DEACON JONES, LAMAR LUNDY and MERLIN OLSEN, and quarterback ROMAN GABRIEL.

“This just goes to show all the hard work my teammates and I put in while wearing those cheap Rams jerseys isn’t forgotten,” said Gabriel. “We loved those jerseys and wore them with pride. I know the current players will wear their wholesale jerseys, especially the white horns, with just as much pride.”

The Rams re-introduced these iconic helmets last season for their Thursday Night Football game at Seattle and the great response from their fans inspired the choice to wear them this coming season.

For their inaugural season back home in Los Angeles, the Rams last year introduced a new tradition of wearing white jerseys for home games. The authentic jersey and pants were white with navy and gold accents, while the helmet was navy with a gold horn and navy facemask.

The team is currently exploring a full rebrand, including new jerseys that will be unveiled in 2019 to coincide with the opening of the new LA Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood Park.

Cardinals Color Rush Jerseys Arrival

The Cardinals Color Rush Jerseys Arrival. Look the below picture.

Tyrann Mathieu nfl jerseys - cardinals
Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu wears one of the team’s new Color Rush nfl jerseys.

This season, with all 32 teams now with the “Color Rush” alternate jersey for use in conjunction with “Thursday Night Football,” the Cardinals have a new black jersey with red numbers.

The one caveat: Because the Cardinals are in San Francisco for their Thursday game, and the 49ers also have a black jersey, the Cardinals will be one of a handful of teams that will not be wearing their “Color Rush” jerseys in a game this season. The Cards will wear their normal white-on-white road jerseys for that game.

The Texans (at the Patriots) and the Falcons (at the Buccaneers) also will not be wearing their new cheap NFL jerseys this season because of color conflict.

There are no other opportunities to wear the jersey, with the “Color Rush” jerseys exclusive to the “Thursday Night Football” games in order to increase awareness of the series.

Regardless, the jersey will be available for purchase at the Cardinals’ team shop at University of Phoenix Stadium, the team’s online store, local Dick’s Sporting Goods stores and the Nike store in north Scottsdale.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from “Color Rush” jerseys sales across the league go to the NFL Foundation, benefitting youth football and other charitable efforts.

Saints Jerseys, ditch outdated collars

The New Orleans Saints have made a long-overdue change to their cheap jerseys.

In a photo posted to wide receiver Michael Thomas’ Instagram story, he’s wearing a authentic white Saints jersey with a solid black collar. This is a welcomed change from what Evan Saacks of The Daily Reveille describes as a “toilet seat” collar.

When Nike became the official jerseys provider of the NFL in 2012, several teams featured the collars the Saints still featured last season. Most of the teams ditched them after just one year, though.

Some teams, such as the Denver Broncos, connected the collar all the way around the neck. Other teams, such as the Baltimore Ravens, ditched the collar altogether.

The cheap jersey Thomas is wearing appears to be NFL licensed, based on the logo at the center of the collar, so there’s good reason to believe this is an official change.

It may have taken the Saints a few years to follow suit, but they’ve finally caught on to the rest of the league and dumped those dreaded “toilet seats.”

Panthers Cheap Jerseys Schedule 2017

The Panthers will wear their color rush cheap uniforms (blue jerseys and blue pants) when they host Thursday Night Football against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 6.

They’ll also wear their cheap blue jerseys – as they’re allowed to do twice each regular season – when they host the NFC champion Falcons in Week 9. Carolina will open the season in cheap white jerseys at the 49ers and wear white every week until the Eagles game. The Panthers will wear black for the first of five times in Week 8 at Tampa Bay.

Both home preseason games will feature white jerseys, and Carolina will sport blue at Tennessee in its second game and black at Jacksonville the next week.

In regular season competition, the Panthers are 96-106-1 in white jerseys, 60-59 in black and 16-14 in blue.

More cheap Panthers jerseys leave emails to contact.

Would Vikings Wear the Former Color Rush Jerseys?

What fans may have had in mind the cheap Vikings nfl jerseys will be.

One of the interesting things about the NFL is that they will shake things up every once in a while to try to keep things fresh. One example of this is the Color Rush jersey program that runs on Thursday Night Football. This year, this year, the Minnesota Vikings will get their chance to wear an cheap alternate jersey, and fans couldn’t wait to see what they would look like.

Today, the Vikings released photos and a short video showing off the new jerseys on their Twitter account. Fan reception has ranged from disappointment to extreme excitement on twitter for the new gear, which is good considering how Lions fans feel about their jerseys.

The Color Rush program is a fantastic way to sell new NFL merchandise as well as get a little more hype for Thursday Night Football games. Of course, these jerseys are already for sale in the official Vikings and NFL shops, and they could look darned good on people too!

Here is the short video for the color rush jerseys featuring a zoomed in look at the jersey’s purple and gold colors from the official Twitter account of the Minnesota Vikings:

The jersey has replaced any of the white portions and replaced them with the same color typically used on the arm stripe. Otherwise, there aren’t a lot of changes for the jersey, which kept a simple approach to the cheap Color Rush jerseys rather than a complete overhaul like other teams in the league have done.

Here is the tweet from the Vikings showing off the full jersey top, just like they will be wearing against the Dallas Cowboys on their December 1, 2016 game on Thursday Night Football.

What Packers Away Jerseys Will Be in 2017?

What Packers Away Jerseys Will Be in new year 2017? If we can still find the cheap Packers jerseys in the original way? Now get the rumor news of it.

The biggest news coming out of the annual league meeting in Phoenix this week has been the vote to move the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas. The Green Bay Packers, however, created some news of their own on the final day of the week-long meeting.

Team President and CEO Mark Murphy petitioned team owners to approve a change in the Packers’ logo and cheap team jerseys.

Murphy presented artist renderings and samplers of the proposed new helmet, which features the standard Packers logo, but with a different color scheme. Unlike the current look, which features a white “G” on a green oval background, the new look features a black “G” in a yellow oval, and on a black helmet. Other than the team logo, the helmet is solid black, and without the green and white striping that goes from front to back across the crest of the current helmet.

Murphy indicated to the other NFL executives that the black helmet and its black “G” logo would become part of the team’s away jersey, whereas the current yellow helmet and logo would remain the home jersey.

The idea originated among several Green Bay board members who felt the league was becoming too style-oriented, and resorting to trendy, rather than traditional, color schemes.

The breaking point for a majority of the board was when the NFL last year introduced “color rush” jerseys for Thursday night games. “It’s just a marketing idea that takes away from the fundamental appeal of the sport,” Murphy told the group.

Murphy indicated the Packers want to move back toward an image the NFL has projected for most of its nearly 100-year history: the sport as a no-frills full-out physical confrontation among the best athletes in the world.

Board members pointed to a study that has been done showing that college football teams that wear predominantly black helmets win over 53 percent of their games, while teams that wore predominantly white or light-colored helmets had winning percentages of only 45 percent. The research covered over 300 Division 1 NCAA teams over the 10-year period from 2006-15.

Board member Andrew B. Turnbull argued that the team could benefit from having a little extra motivation to perform well when playing away from Lambeau Field. The black helmets would make the players look more “menacing,” claimed Turnbull, and that attitude might carry over into the players playing a more physical and intense brand of football.

If three-fourths of other NFL teams agree, the new cheap jerseys proposal could be approved as early as the annual league meeting next spring.

2017 Detroit Lions’ new throwback, Color Rush jerseys

A senior design director at Nike, McClard and his team were on one of their weekly Thursday conference calls with the NFL’s creative office some 18 months ago when a league representative said the Detroit Lions might be making a declaration to go through the process of redesigning their cheap NFL jerseys.

McClard, who grew up in Shelby Township rooting for the Billy Sims-era Lions, told his team hands off.

“The reaction to my team was no one’s touching this but me,” McClard said Thursday at the Lions’ new jersey unveil in front of about 3,700 season ticket holders at Ford Field. “What a dream to work on your hometown team years later after moving across country.”

McClard said Lions president Rod Wood gave Nike instructions to “pay respect to the tradition and the heritage of the team but do it in a modern way,” and he and his team tried do that by recapturing the Lions’ Honolulu blue and silver color scheme in new home, away, throwback and color rush jerseys. Here’s the look:

NFB Detroit lions blue color rush jerseys - lions

Wood said the team hopes to wear all four cheap authentic jerseys in the 2017 season, but won’t decide which games to wear the throwback and Color Rush jerseys for until after the schedule comes out next week.

The Lions’ Color Rush jerseys are a dark steel grey with white numbers trimmed in Honolulu blue, and replace the all-black jerseys the team unveiled but never wore last year. Typically, Color Rush jerseys are worn on Thursday night games, but Wood said the Lions could wear them at another time if they don’t have a Thursday night game this year.

The Lions’ throwback jerseys are similar to ones they’ve worn in the past. The solid Honolulu blue jerseys replicate ones the team wore in its inaugural season in Detroit in 1934, and there is no striping on the sleeves or numbers on the shoulders.​

Wood said the Lions could wear the throwbacks on Thanksgiving, as they have traditionally done, or for another important primetime game.

The Lions’ blue home jerseys feature silver numbers trimmed in anthracite. The right sleeve has a wide stripe stenciled with “Lions,” while the left sleeve honors former owner William Clay Ford with “WCF” in front of blue and silver vertical bars.​

The team’s away jerseys feature traditional white jerseys with blue numerals, and they have the option to wear blue pants.

Wood said part of his desire in redoing the wholesale jerseys was to get rid of black from the team’s color scheme. Former Lions general manager Matt Millen introduced black into the team’s color scheme in the early 2000s, and the color has been synonymous with the losingest era in team history.

“I think the first thing was we wanted to get the black out of the discount jerseys and go back to the traditional Honolulu blue and silver, and that kind of led us to coming up with the creative ideas on what we could do to keep the Honolulu blue and silver but also modernize the look,” Wood said. “The option of wearing blue pants on the road, which we did I think for a couple of years. That’s different. And the Color Rush I think is very sharp. We didn’t want to go with just our blue jerseys and blue pants. We wanted to go with something that was different but was part of our colors.”

Lions tight end Eric Ebron said he preferred the team’s all-black Color Rush jerseys to the steel grey ones, but he said he and other players love the look and feel of them overall.

“I’m in love because not only do we get to wear something new but we all get to walk into the locker room every Sunday and not expect the same traditional blue or white,” Ebron said. “We can mix and match now. We have alternate colors, we finally brung back the throwback cheap Lions jerseys, we have a Color Rush jersey. We’re excited. It helps boost the morale in our locker room. When you walk in you’re not looking at the same thing, you’re looking at something new so it should definitely help in all aspects of our game.”

Chicago Bears Fresh Blue And Orange Elite 51 NFL Jerseys

After replacing Reebok as the official supplier of cheap NFL jerseys, Nike and the NFL on Tuesday unveiled a new lineup of authentic jerseys and gear for all 32 teams.

The Chicago Bears will keep their navy blue and orange colors, of course, but will now have “newer lightweight fabrics and a sleek silhouette.”

Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, who modeled the new jersey for Nike, tweeted about the cheap authentic jerseys Tuesday.

“The new jerseys are sweet…Classic Chicago Bears look,” he said.

Chicago Bears nfl blue jerseys - bears

HuffPost Miami has more on the new gear:

The swoosh has just released images of Miami’s new Nike Elite 51 gear, a new system that reportedly reduces weight with “flywire technology” and fits like shrink-wrap over pads with a new four-way stretch fabric. Oh, and it’s also got “sleeve articulation,” whatever that is, and is supposedly harder to tug.

While the new jerseys may be “sweet,” they are also quite pricey: a new, game day jersey will set fans back $250.

Check out the new cheap Bears jerseys here. What do you think? All photos courtesy of Nike, Inc.

Redskins Jerseys Number Updates For 2017 Offseason

Eight returning Redskins players jerseys with diferent numbers - redskins
Eight returning Redskins players have changed their numbers for the upcoming season and the team’s 2017 free agent class has also been assigned their numbers as well.

Heading into the 2017 season, several veteran Washington Redskins players have been assigned new numbers including quarterback cheap Colt McCoy jersey, running back cheap Robert Kelley jersey and cornerback cheap Kendall Fuller jersey.

Additionally, the team’s free agent signings and those who were acquired under Reserve/Future contracts have also been assigned new numbers.

Before we dive into all of the changes, note that additional number switches happen throughout the offseason and into the regular season once the active roster has been solidified.

Veteran Number Changes

  • Wide Receiver Kendal Thompson jersey (No. 87 to No. 10): Signed one day prior to the start of training camp last year, Thompson was assigned No. 87. He wore the number throughout last year as a season-long member of the practice squad. Now he’s going to No. 10.
  • Quarterback Colt McCoy jersey (No. 16 to No. 12): After three seasons wearing No. 16 for the Redskins, McCoy is going back to the number he wore during a prolific college career at the University of Texas. McCoy also wore No. 12 during his three seasons with the Cleveland Browns from 2010-12.
  • Running Back Robert Kelley jersey (No. 32 to No. 20): When Kelley was first signed by the Redskins last spring as a college free agent, he was assigned No. 22. After a strong preseason performance garnered him a spot on the active roster, Kelley switched to No. 32 as safety Deshazor Everett remained at No. 22. The first player in franchise history to wear No. 20 was Pro Football Hall of Famer Cliff Battles.
  • Cornerback Kendall Fuller jersey (No. 38 to No. 29): After a year with No. 38, Fuller has switched to No. 29. He joins Josh Norman (No. 24) and Bashaud Breeland (No. 26) as the cornerbacks on the roster wearing Nos. in the 20’s.
  • Safety Su’a Cravens jersey (No. 36 to No. 30): Just like his full-time switch to safety from linebacker in 2017, Cravens will also be wearing a new number entering his second NFL campaign. Cravens hinted at the possibility on Twitter last month after D.J. Swearinger – who has been wearing No. 36 back to his high school days – was signed.
  • Defensive Back Shak Randolph jersey (No. 46 to No. 38): Randolph spent the final month of the 2016 season on Washington’s practice squad.
  • Safety Josh Evans jersey (No. 45 to No. 39): A mid-season signing for the Redskins in 2016, Evans was assigned No. 45. Now he will wear No. 39.
  • Tight End Wes Saxton jersey (No. 83 to No. 82): Saxton – a member of the practice squad in 2016 – has been assigned No. 82, which was previously worn by Logan Paulsen.
  • Free Agent Signings
    • Wide Receiver Terrelle Pryor Sr. jersey (No. 11): Pryor wore No. 11 with the Cleveland Browns last season, one in which he recorded 1,007 receiving yards. No. 11, of course, was last worn by DeSean Jackson from 2014-16.
    • Safety D.J. Swearinger jersey (No. 36): Swearinger noted in his first interview after signing with the Redskins that he’s worn No. 36 dating back to his high school days. Why? Redskins great Sean Taylor. “He was a rookie my freshman year and he had No. 36 so I got 36, which is actually a family number that my dad and uncle wore,” Swearinger said. “The No. 36 has stuck with me since then.”
    • Linebacker Chris Carter jersey (No. 55): Once again, Carter has been assigned a different number for the upcoming NFL season. The Fresno State product has also worn Nos. 43, 49, 51, 53 and 56 in his career.
    • Linebacker Zach Brown jersey (No. 56): After four seasons as No. 55 for the Tennessee Titans and one season as No. 53 for the Buffalo Bills, Brown has been assigned No. 56 for the Redskins. LaVar Arrington – one of the 80 Greatest Redskins – wore No. 56 during his six seasons in Washington.
    • Offensive Lineman John Kling jersey (No. 69): Both Kling and defensive lineman A.J. Francis are currently assigned No. 69. Duplicate numbers are common during the offseason when the roster expands to 90 players.
    • Wide Receiver Brian Quick jersey (No. 83): Quick will continue to wear No. 83, the same number he wore during his first five NFL seasons with the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams.
    • Defensive Lineman Stacy McGee jersey (No. 92): McGee will continue to wear No. 92, the same number he wore during his first four NFL seasons with the Oakland Raiders. Defensive lineman Chris Baker – who signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the offseason — wore No. 92 from 2011-15.
    • Defensive Lineman Terrell McClain jersey (No. 97): Like Jason Hatcher when he signed with the Redskins in 2014 after a stint with the Dallas Cowboys and wore No. 97 in Washington, McClain is doing the exact same thing.

    Future/Reserve Signings

    • Safety Earl Wolff IV jersey (No. 32)
    • Cornerback Tharold Simon jersey (No. 37)
    • Linebacker Pete Robertson jersey (No. 45)
    • Linebacker Khairi Fortt jersey (No. 46) 
    • Defensive Lineman Phil Taylor jersey (No. 99)