Saints Jerseys, ditch outdated collars

The New Orleans Saints have made a long-overdue change to their cheap jerseys.

In a photo posted to wide receiver Michael Thomas’ Instagram story, he’s wearing a authentic white Saints jersey with a solid black collar. This is a welcomed change from what Evan Saacks of The Daily Reveille describes as a “toilet seat” collar.

When Nike became the official jerseys provider of the NFL in 2012, several teams featured the collars the Saints still featured last season. Most of the teams ditched them after just one year, though.

Some teams, such as the Denver Broncos, connected the collar all the way around the neck. Other teams, such as the Baltimore Ravens, ditched the collar altogether.

The cheap jersey Thomas is wearing appears to be NFL licensed, based on the logo at the center of the collar, so there’s good reason to believe this is an official change.

It may have taken the Saints a few years to follow suit, but they’ve finally caught on to the rest of the league and dumped those dreaded “toilet seats.”