Would Vikings Wear the Former Color Rush Jerseys?

What fans may have had in mind the cheap Vikings nfl jerseys will be.

One of the interesting things about the NFL is that they will shake things up every once in a while to try to keep things fresh. One example of this is the Color Rush jersey program that runs on Thursday Night Football. This year, this year, the Minnesota Vikings will get their chance to wear an , and fans couldn’t wait to see what they would look like.

Today, the Vikings released photos and a short video showing off the new jerseys on their Twitter account. Fan reception has ranged from disappointment to extreme excitement on twitter for the new gear, which is good considering how Lions fans feel about their jerseys.

The Color Rush program is a fantastic way to sell new NFL merchandise as well as get a little more hype for Thursday Night Football games. Of course, these jerseys are already for sale in the official Vikings and NFL shops, and they could look darned good on people too!

Here is the short video for the color rush jerseys featuring a zoomed in look at the jersey’s purple and gold colors from the official Twitter account of the Minnesota Vikings:

The jersey has replaced any of the white portions and replaced them with the same color typically used on the arm stripe. Otherwise, there aren’t a lot of changes for the jersey, which kept a simple approach to the rather than a complete overhaul like other teams in the league have done.

Here is the tweet from the Vikings showing off the full jersey top, just like they will be wearing against the Dallas Cowboys on their December 1, 2016 game on Thursday Night Football.

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