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For cheap NFL jerseys of Detroit Lions news. The Detroit Lions unveiled their new NFL jerseys for the 2017 season on Thursday, just eight years after their last tweakand, and they’re great. Black has been removed completely, from the from the jerseys, pants, helmet and logo, and the overall look of the uniforms is much cleaner and simpler. They’re the latest team to revamp their design, and the adjustments are some of the best in recent years.

2017 Detroit Lions nfl jerseys -
2017 Detroit Lions NFL Jerseys

The changes highlight the silver and blue in the uniforms, while also adding a white road jersey that goes nicely with the team’s colors. The throwback alternates are arguably the best set Detroit has, but they’re not far off from their usual home threads.

The Lions no longer have some of the ugliest jerseys in the league. Look close to the change of its helmet:

2017 Detroit Lions helmet -

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